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August 26, 2012


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my contest

So I fell like showing some love to some of my favorite artist and friends

in no particular order ^^;

:iconsilver-the-kid: Silver-the-kid
She is my long time friend who I have know most of the time I have been on the internet. We met on another site then found each other on DA. Silver is a grate friend and even though she is not on as much I still love her.
DJ blow my speakers up by Silver-the-kid
The Kid ID by Silver-the-kid
Silver and Zinx strike a pose by Silver-the-kid
Selinite: Alvorian Queen by Silver-the-kid
Punki Princess Peach Redux by Silver-the-kid
its Zinx by Silver-the-kid

:iconcrazy-book-worm: Crazy-Book-Worm
I met her in collage in our 3d animation class and we became friends. I love her art and am so jealous at how good her art is for her to be so young.
Retrieval by Crazy-Book-Worm
FEZ: Mydra the Warrior by Crazy-Book-Worm
Constelation Byouki by Crazy-Book-Worm
Happy Halloween 2010 by Crazy-Book-Worm
I'm a Piranha by Crazy-Book-Worm
Byouki is a-reading by Crazy-Book-Worm
Island sunset by Crazy-Book-Worm
ID 006 - My own worst enemy by Crazy-Book-Worm
Kai - realistic by Crazy-Book-Worm

:iconrandomlycreativemind: RandomlyCreativeMind/ :iconalhurt: ALHurt
she is so nice and so giving sometimes I think she spoils me a little ^^;
Luciphine and Her Love by RandomlyCreativeMind
Rocker Demon? WIP by RandomlyCreativeMind
In The Forest by RandomlyCreativeMind
Happy Birthday JouYasha by RandomlyCreativeMind
Balance by RandomlyCreativeMind
Doll Practice: Fail by RandomlyCreativeMind
Porcelain Cat by RandomlyCreativeMind
Crystal Fairy by RandomlyCreativeMind
Blah by RandomlyCreativeMind

:iconcountessfoxington: CountessFoxington
I love her so much but I always have too meny messages in my mail box at once from her @___@
Agleca by CountessFoxington
Cyanide Sweets by CountessFoxington
Howling Wolf by CountessFoxington
Mini-me by CountessFoxington
Princess Montellia Zieste WIP by CountessFoxington
Make-Over by CountessFoxington
Adorable by CountessFoxington
Sara's Chillin' Time by CountessFoxington
Cat Burgalor by CountessFoxington
What... The... by CountessFoxington

:icontabitha-grace: Tabitha-Grace
I originally commissioned her cuz her commissions were cheep but she has beautful art. and after she had done 14 commissions for me I think you know I love her art.
Nezzera -  Black Fire by Tabitha-Grace
Angels and Demons by Tabitha-Grace
Happy Birthday Dad 2012 by Tabitha-Grace
Commission for Yugioh5dsfangirl 3 by Tabitha-Grace
Welcome to my Page by Tabitha-Grace
Happy Birthday Mom 2012 by Tabitha-Grace
I Don't Need A Prince by Tabitha-Grace
.::Spiked Hair::. by Tabitha-Grace
Sinister by Tabitha-Grace

:iconfeatherbug: FeatherBug
An awesome friend who is helping me improve my art. she has been helping by critiquing my art for me ^^

:iconfmaandygo5dsgirl: FMAandYGO5dsgirl
her art is slowly improving but with love and time I am sure her art will be amazing before to long ^^
Edward x Jenna by FMAandYGO5dsgirl
Jenna open's her eye's [gif] by FMAandYGO5dsgirl
Ed and Jenna dancing by FMAandYGO5dsgirl
Jenna Schultz by FMAandYGO5dsgirl
Contest entry by FMAandYGO5dsgirl
Jenna Schultz line art by FMAandYGO5dsgirl
Yusei x Jenna 2 by FMAandYGO5dsgirl
FMA - Oops by FMAandYGO5dsgirl

:icondenisejulebff: DeniseJuleBFF
I keep chasing her from account to account @__@ dammit DA she is not too young Xp though she is a talanted young artist who I constantly watch her draw to help make my drawings better ^^
Aiko Takahashi by DeniseJuleBFF
Matsumoto Satoru by DeniseJuleBFF
Ayako by DeniseJuleBFF
Deni+Sato by DeniseJuleBFF
NaLu Color by DeniseJuleBFF
Sword girl: full color by DeniseJuleBFF
Kanako progress chibi by DeniseJuleBFF

:icondaphianna: Daphianna / :iconkindakrazy: KindaKrazy  / :icondaphianna-sketches: Daphianna-Sketches / :icontotally-tomboy: Totally-Tomboy
she is generous loving person who puts others before herself to often but needs to think of herself sometimes.
Deathly Hallows Earrings - With Rhinestones! by Totally-Tomboy
Rainbow Arrowhead Bracelet by Totally-Tomboy
Come at me, Bro! by Daphianna-Sketches
Doctor Walrus Eggman by Daphianna
That's Right. You Jelly? by Daphianna
Drifting Through the Universe by Daphianna
Wishing by Daphianna
Summah by KindaKrazy
Daphianna's Punkin by KindaKrazy
In Hot Pursuit by KindaKrazy
McKenzie and Justin by KindaKrazy

:iconaxxidous: Axxidous
an amazing buddy I talk to on skype like almost every day o3o
NDHS LooneyTunes mural by Axxidous
Happy Birthday Derek by Axxidous
Valentine's Day 2011 by Axxidous
Valentine's Day 2010 by Axxidous
Voice Rocker Warfare by Axxidous
Christmas 2008 - Thunder Arrow by Axxidous
Original Mascot - Vox the Fox concept by Axxidous

after 5 hours of putting together this journal I remember why I don't do meny journals :icondragondizzy:
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RandomlyCreativeMind Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my gosh :heart: thank you very much! This was a really nice surprise. You're the best! :tighthug:
Crazy-Book-Worm Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Ahhh thank you so much!! <3 You are such a sweetie and I wish I was better about being on DA anymore ;__;
Daphianna Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
gdsfdsfdsfdsfds!!!!!!! You are the most AWESOME PERSON EVER!!!!!!!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
Thanks so much for the feature! :icondragonspin1::icondragonspin2:
JouYasha Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012   General Artist
You are welcome you deserve it :icongwompplz:
CountessFoxington Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012
....I think I need a moment to compose mahself.

This was BEYOND nice of you. You definitely got a wide array of my stuff. New old, awesome, chibi, normal, mah wolf, and mah lolli... Good job coverin all the bases! And thank you! So sweet of you that I think I just... Have to... :iconsquishhugplz::iconblackheartplz:
JouYasha Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012   General Artist
You are welcome :tighthug: it would be kinda hard to feature some of my awesome friends on DA without including you I'm sure about 50% of the messages I get in my inbox are form you :icondragonlaughplz: besides if I am not mistaken I have know you before you were on DA (though I don't remember where :iconsweatplz:) I know this because I have you on Yahoo messenger that I like never use and haven't used in forever :icononionfailplz:
CountessFoxington Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012
:iconawwwplz: You're so sweet!~ I dun think Im that awesome.

As for where we first met.... Ive no clue. I DO know weve known each other a LONG while. `
JouYasha Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012   General Artist
thank you

but you are awesome :tighthug: and dont ever forget that

I remember how we met I faved all your ygo cards you edited with fma characters. then we started talking after that I think :iconsweatplz:
CountessFoxington Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2012
You're welcome.
And yeah! that does sound right
JouYasha Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012   General Artist
:iconyayzplz: I figured it out
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